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Building Homes

Sylacauga Area Habitat for
Gives Back

We are a nonprofit, ecumenical Christian ministry dedicated to the idea that every man, woman, and kid deserves a home that is respectable, secure, and within their means. Regardless of color or creed, we construct alongside those in need. All types of supporters and volunteers are welcome here. Low-income households can afford our basic, decent homes. Under the guidance of professionals, homeowners and volunteer’s construct. Financial support is crucial, and it comes from individuals, businesses, church communities, and others.


To the new Executives revitalizing the Sylacauga Area Habitat for Humanity.

We are so grateful to have been trusted by Former President James Adams, a trailblazer along with so many others to take on such an amazing program that has blessed so many families throughout the years.

We will continue this journey with the Vision, Mission and Integrity passed on to us with great honor.

Special Thank You To;

Board of Directors
ATIA Corporation
DLS Medical Billing & Coding, LLC

Carmeletha Ford, President
Denice Stone, Vice President & Treasurer
Layunite Estell, Secretary
Brian Dix, Site & Building Committee Manager
Hannah Davis, Qualified Loan Officer
Joyce Brown, Site Selection & Building
Isaac Edwards, Public Relations & Workshops
LaTrenda Keith, Family Advocacy
and all Advisory & Committee Administrators.


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